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WoodSafe® - 66% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Product information

WoodSafe® is a renewable alternative to fossil-based hazardous waste containers. Made in Sweden from 80% renewable forest residual waste.

WoodSafe® is developed together with Sweden Timber and is based on DuraSense® - a patented biocomposite. This material replaces a wide range of polymers and achieves very high tensile strength. The advantages of the polymer are formability, durability and flexibility. The advantages of wood fiber are its strength and that it is a renewable raw material with a low CO2 footprint.

WoodSafe® hazardous waste containers are approved according to UN3291, ADR and ADR-S.

Implementing WoodSafe® requires no need for heavy initial investment and provides an immediate impact on carbon emissions.

  • 0.5L, 2L, 3L, 6L, 12L, 25L and 50L.
  • Reduction of CO2-emissions by 66%.
  • Manufacturing in Sweden with renewable raw materials

Download the product sheet

productArticle numberA4 formatA5 formatJPEG format
WoodSafe 0.5L Hazardous Waste ContainerWS005NO01DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 2L Hazardous waste containerWS020NO01DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 3L hazardous waste containerWS030NO01DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 6L Hazardous waste container with single lid1060110DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 6L Hazardous waste container with double lid1060120DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 12L hazardous waste container with single lid1120110DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 12L Hazardous waste container with double lid1120120DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 25L Hazardous waste container with single lid1250110DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 25L hazardous waste container with double lid1250120DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 50L Hazardous waste container with single lid1500110DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 50L Hazardous waste container with double lid1500120DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 6L/12L One-way cap2060010DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 6L/12L Double Lock2060020DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 25L/50L Ankle cap2250010DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 25L/50L Dubbellock2250020DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 25L hazardous waste container2250100DownloadDownloadDownload
WoodSafe 50L hazardous waste container2500100DownloadDownloadDownload
Woodsafe Holder 0.5 litersTBWS-21DownloadDownloadDownload
Woodsafe Holder 2-3 litersTBWS-22DownloadDownloadDownload
Woodsafe Holder 6-12 litersTBWS-23DownloadDownloadDownload
Woodsafe Small cart 25-50 litersTBWS701DownloadDownloadDownload
Woodsafe Trolley with lid holder and pedal for opening 25-50 litersTBWS703DownloadDownloadDownload