Together with Toolflex, we have developed a series of holders based on Toolflex's patented attachment. Whether you need a holder on a wall, trolley or post or to hang the can, we have a solution. Woodsafe Needle Can Holder is currently available in two sizes.

Article no.NameColorprice/piece sec
TBWS-21Woodsafe Jar Holder, Small, 0.5 litersWhite161kr
TBWS-22Woodsafe jar holder, Medium 2 & 3 litersWhite177kr

All holders are supplied with a wall bracket.

Wall bracket

The bracket is screwed directly to the wall and the holder can be attached/clicked to the wall bracket.

Table mount

Can be attached to the edge of the table without having to screw into the table. The bracket pinches the table top and can be moved as needed.

Article no.NameColorprice/piece sec
TBWS-31Woodsafe table mountWhite254kr

Pipe bracket

A smart solution that provides a flexible solution where the wall bracket is attached to round tubes, whether it is a sampling trolley or a table leg. This makes it possible to put the jar holder there without having to drill into the pipe. The bracket can also be rotated to the desired angle. The bracket is available in different sizes depending on the thickness of the pipe. From 19 mm - 25 mm pipes.

Article no. Pipe circumferenceColorPrice/piece sec
TBWS-518Woodsafe pipe bracket 18 mm56,5black40kr
TBWS-519Woodsafe pipe bracket 19 mm59,7black40kr
TBWS-520Woodsafe pipe bracket 20 mm62,8black40kr
TBWS-522Woodsafe pipe bracket 22 mm69,1black40kr
TBWS-523Woodsafe pipe bracket 23 mm72,3black40kr
TBWS-524Woodsafe pipe bracket 24 mm75,4black40kr
TBWS-525Woodsafe pipe bracket 25 mm78,5black40kr
TBWS-526Woodsafe pipe bracket 26 mm81,7black40kr
TBWS-527Woodsafe pipe bracket 27 mm84,8black40kr
TBWS-528Woodsafe pipe bracket 28 mm88,0black40kr
TBWS-530woodsafe Pipe bracket 30 mm94,2black40kr

Handle rubber

A flexible reusable adjustable rubber band. Full length 490 mm which allows you to tighten the band around the jar or use the band to hang the jar in any length. The band can be washed/disinfected and reused.

Article no.Nameprice/piece sec
TBWS-1Handle Rubber11kr

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